Gualicho / Walichu


Director´s statement (Adrián Gastón Fares, writer and director)

We do not know how we would act if death were not the ultimate experience, but one more experience. Perhaps, we would cross its boundaries over and over again like the beloved giant waves of a surfer or another frenetic turn for the fan of the highest roller coasters.


Walichu (Gualicho) is a Blood Window 2017 Feature Film Production Award Winner


Jury that selected Gualicho:

The winners was selected by a jury composed of prestigious international figures of the fantastic cinema:


José Luis Rebordinos (Festival de San Sebastián), Ángel Sala, (Festival de Sitges), François-Pier Pélinard-Lambert (Séries Mania), John Hopewell (Variety), Luciano Sovena (Roma Lazio Film Commission) y Vicente Canale (Film Factory).


Gualicho fue seleccionada  por un jurado integrado por prestigiosos referentes internacionales del cine fantástico


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Variety and Walichu: Blood Window Beyond The Window Pitching Sessions, Ventana Sur.

WALICHU, “the unintended consequences drama, winner of BW Feature Film Contest”.

Ventana Sur: ‘The Muglur,’ ‘The Beast,’ ‘Manslaughter in Buenos Aires,’ Set for 2017 Blood Window


Interview Magazine La Cosa (September 2017)

Why did you choose Gualicho for your directorial debut?

Gualicho is the movie that I always wanted to do. The script was rewritten over the years and I never lost the initial fascination. Each time I read it, it is as if it were at the same time the viewer. I enjoy it very much. It is a summary of everything I learned in these years as a student, as a spectator, as a screenwriter and as a short film Director. It was even clearer that I had a unique, original film with an exciting story.

Whenever I tell the story of Gualicho in thirty seconds people are amazed, they start to ask questions and they get excited. Now I´m writing a new feature with the same fascination.

This is my first  feature film, but I already done Mundo tributo (feature documentary, directed and produced with Leo Rosales) and many short films.


Being an original project, how did the idea that is in the film come about?



Ten or more years ago, I wondered what would happen if death were not taboo. And more than anything, if it were not a border with no return. What would we do? I thought I wanted to make a movie that was an experience, that felt like an experience. I never thought I would be so many years working on that project, that I would sacrifice so many things, that I would suffer so much for that, and that I would enjoy it so much too.


Gualicho, sketch by Diego Simone.